About Me

Hi, My name is Tom Faust. I spent over 40 years building other people's businesses. That is, I was employed as a software developer, working 40+ hours per week for a salary and a few weeks' vacation.

Of course, the value I provided to the businesses was worth more than what they paid me, and they paid me well, otherwise, they wouldn't have been willing to pay what they did. This included my salary and benefits.

All too late I realized that what I was able to set aside for retirement was not nearly enough to be comfortable. And by comfort, I don't mean lying on a beach somewhere. I mean confident that I would have enough money to support myself and my family, to be able to travel, to handle any emergency that arose, and not run out of money in my lifetime or my wife's lifetime. Enough to live worry-free, even leaving a legacy for generations to come.

I decided it was time to find a business that could provide all that and more. After years of searching, and tens of thousands of dollars spent on learning and experimenting, I finally found what works for me. I am now on a path to having the life of my dreams. The life I wish I'd have found years ago.

I believe this path can work for you too! Remember, it's never too late to start. Click the button below if you want to learn more.

About Me

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